Property Services
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The Subdivision of Land

Investors who have trouble selling big land may choose the option of selling smaller plots of land through subdivision. Amatak will work with surveyors to find the optimal land division strategy and help to map out road planning, sewerage planning and connection to the official grid. Our support extends to formulating contracts and working with authorities for subdivided land titles for our stakeholders and facilitating the whole process of buying and selling.

Build a dream holiday home

Have you always wanted a retirement? A family holiday? Create something that is uniquely for you and your family? We will listen and work with you closer to bring your dream into reality. We will help you to secure the plot of land at an ideal location, help you choose the architects, designers and even help you set you source materials. Our network of builders, technical advisors, designers, suppliers will take out the headaches of building your dream holiday home.

Our investors trust fund

As a trusted investment group with a solid background, our investors have entrusted Amatak with their money to make investments on their behalf that matches their risk appetite and expectations. Our pool of trust funds have been diversified into guaranteed term deposits in Khmer currency, Financial Institution shares or long term property investments. Amatak actively seeks out undervalued property on the market or distressed assets from financial institutions for our investors to ensure a bigger potential future growth.

Some properties that we have invested in include:

18 hectare land on Hanoi Road, close to Grand Phnom Penh estate and golf course

9 hectare land off National Road 6

2 Hectare land 2km from Phnom Penh’s new airport

1 hectare land 1km from 60m Hun Sen Blvd 

Shop houses on Monivong Blvd

Shop house in walking distances from AEON 2